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How Our Rent-To-Own Plan Works

Our student instruments are all high-quality instruments from established manufactures that are approved and recommended by your student's Band Director


Down Payment

Your Payment is First Month's Rent.

No Security Deposit is required!

Maintenance & Theft

Coverage for normal maintenance and theft are included in your monthly payment.


Interest Free

Our plan is interest free.

NO Finance Charges on your balance

Automatic Billing

Like a subscription service, payments are automatically billed to your credit or debit card each month



You may return the instrument at any time after the third month of rental. Our agreement does not convert to a high interest sales contract.

Early Pay Discount

Pay off your instrument at any time before the final rental payment and receive a 20% discount on your remaining balance


Step Up Instruments

All of your rental principal payments can be applied as a credit towards an intermediate or professional level instrument any time before the final rental payment.

Get Your Rental Started Today! 

If you have questions or need any assistance, contact by email or call 903-794-4874

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